Our Faithfulness

Belief and Practice
We at St. Luke’s are a scripture-based, faithful community of persons who love their Lord and are committed to pray with and for each other, supporting each other in our spiritual growth. The ministry of all our members is vital to this parish and our unconditional love of each other in trouble and joy is essential.
We believe that we must faithfully attend the less fortunate of God’s children by giving our treasure as well as our time and talent in order to make a difference in our community and that of the larger world. We believe we are called to share our faith by reaching out to others. We will work to extend our outreach beyond our parish, keeping in Jesus’ admonition to “feed my sheep.”
The Episcopal Church encompasses the truths of the Catholic and Protestant Traditions. We are both Scriptural and Sacramental. Holy Scriptures invigorate our study, worship, and corporate life. The Sacrament of Baptism begins a life of constant union with God in the fellowship of the Church, and the Holy Eucharist is the central act of Sunday worship whereby we partake of Christ’s love and renewal, and the living Christ abides in us.
Our greatest theological document is “The Book of Common Prayer”. This book has formed the Episcopal Church’s thought and practice since its first publication in 1549, and continues its powerful influence in the current 1979 version. The Book of Common Prayer contains a system for Christian spiritual living including the daily prayer and weekly worship of the Church, with Psalms, Creeds, Catechism, and historical documents.

We Embrace Diversity

At St. Luke’s, we pledge to exclude and condemn no one. We do not judge based on life styles, political and social views, racial or national origin. The Body of Christ to which we ALL belong is a body that leaves no one out. It nurtures and empowers all of us. After all, we are sinners in the eye of God, but sinners whom God loves and redeems. The power of the redeemed is greater than any other power.

St. Luke’s is a member of the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry and The Hudson Interfaith Community.