A Welcoming Place For Your Faith Journey

stlukesbuildingimageWe are so glad that you have come to learn more about St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Sometimes known as “the little brick church by the rotary“, we have been standing tall in Hudson, Mass. for over 100 years, opening our doors to anyone seeking a closer relationship with Our Lord in a truly loving and friendly space. As a multigenerational, multicultural faith community serving greater Hudson, we proudly celebrate The Good News by gathering around the Lord’s Table every Sunday at 10:00 AM. We strive to offer members, and visitors alike, an intimate and joyful experience of living faith. We uphold a tradition of Episcopal Theology as well as inclusivity and tolerance; we pledge to exclude and condemn no one… All are welcome at St. Luke’s!

For those following St Luke’s, it is my pleasure to welcome our supply priest Rev. John Olsson. Fr. John is now assisting us following our rector, Rev. Jim Kodera’s, retirement at the end of last year. 

Father John is an engaging preacher so come and check him out at our Sunday 10am services. While Covid is with us, please remember to wear a mask. When we can, we will restart our coffee hour after the service. For now, unfortunately,  we must forgo this special part of each Sunday for fellowship time with everyone.