Sunday Liturgy

The Liturgy is an important part of the Episcopalian tradition and, at St. Luke’s, we celebrate at The Lord’s Table every Sunday. The service begins promptly at 10:00AM and will typically run an hour or so in length having several parts including the Welcome, The Collect, The Gospel Readings, The Sermon, The Confession of Faith, The Confession of Sins, Communion and our most beloved “Alleluiah, Alleluiah” at the conclusion of the Liturgy.

When you visit us, please pick up a Bulletin at the back of the Church as this will help to familiarize your with our service if this is all new to you. In addition, at each pew you should find a Book of Common Prayer, the main text from which we draw our inspiration for Sunday Service, as well as two hymnals.

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Hymn numbers are posted at the front of the church in sequential order. Please note that All Baptized Christians, whatever the denomination, are invited to receive Holy Communion at our altar.

We strive to be a friendly and welcoming group so if you have any questions, any one of us would be delighted to help as you “find your way”. Also, you may click here to learn more about our Order of Service.