Church Photos

Stained Glass Windows, Marty Miller Photos
2013 Events

Dora's 90th Birthday (Sep)
Church Picnic at Dora's Cottage (Aug)
February Snowstorm, Bill Carnes Photos
2012 Events

St. Luke's Day Parish Brunch & Meeting (Oct)
Centennial Celebration of St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston (Oct)
Joan Drechsler Luncheon (Aug)
Youth Group Bowling Event (Jun)
Youth Group Roller Skating Event (May)
2012 Confirmation, John Kodera Photos (Apr)
2012 Easter, John Kodera Photos (Apr)
2012 Vestry Retreat at Bethany House (Mar)
2012 Annual Parish Meeting & Blessing of the Henry T.G. Dyson Room, (Feb)
2011 Events

2011 Christmas Eve Service, Marty Miller Photos (Dec)
2011 International Festival, James Kodera Photos (Sep)
2011 Bishop Harris Visit, John Kodera Photos (Jul)
2011 Baptism & Children's Service (June)
2011 Baptism, John Kodera Photos (May)
2011 Episcopal Reception at Trinity in Boston (May)
2011 Health Fair, Marty Miller Photos (Apr)
2011 Vestry Retreat at Bethany House, Mark Reid Photos (Mar)
2010 Events

2010 Christmas Eve Service, Marty Miller Photos (Dec)
2010 Organ Concert, Marty Miller Photos (Dec)
2010 English Tea, Marty Miller Photos (Oct)
2010 International Fair, Cheryl Rice Photos (Sep)
2010 International Fair, Marty Miller Photos (Sep)
2010 Sunday School Graduation (Jun)
2010 Annual Meeting (Jan)
2010 Christmas Story with the Sunday School (Jan)
2009 Events

2009 Harvest Fair WMV slideshow (Nov)
2009 Front Stairs Replacement Project WMV slideshow (Oct-Dec)
2009 Supper Concert WMV slideshow (Oct)
2009 Downtown Trick or Treat photo (Oct)
2009 Bishop Gayle Harris Visit photo (Feb)
2008 Events

2008 Christmas Eve Service
2008 Silent Auction Photos
2008 Harvest Fair Photos
2008 Harvest Fair - musical flash slideshow
2008 Mother's Day at St. Luke's
2008 Easter with kids
2008 Bishop Bud Cederholm's Visit in February 2008
2007 Events

2007 Children's Christmas Liturgy (Manger)
2007 Silent Auction Photos
2007 Parish Yard Sale Photos
Past Children's Christmas Pageant Photos
Martin Miller Photography

Many of the photos in this website were taken and donated by Professional Photographer Martin Miller.  Martin and his wife June Miller are members of St. Luke's.
Centennial Celebration of St. Paul's Cathedral in Boston