The History of St. Luke's

St. Luke's Church was the inspiration of the Reverend George S. Pine of Holy Trinity Church, Marlboro. His Hudson parishioners in the last decade of the 19th century usually walked four miles to attend church. On Saint Luke's Day, October 18, 1895, Mr. Pines decided that the Episcopalians of Hudson should have their own church. The first service was held in Holden Hall on December 15, 1905. Land for the church was purchased, and by 1908 the members of St. Luke's Church, Hudson, with their new rector, the Reverend Smith Owen Dexter, moved into their new home.

C K Cummings of Boston designed the church around 1900. Subsequent additions blend so seamlessly that the church appears to have been built all at one time. The altar was donated in 1896, before the church was built. The church was completed in 1913. In 1945 St. Luke's graduated from mission status to being a full-fledged church, celebrating this milestone in the year of its fiftieth anniversary. Parishioners celebrated the 100th Anniversary in 1995.

The historical notes above are extracted from "St. Luke's 100 Years: 1895 to 1995", by Joan M. Drechsler. A complete copy of this history is available from the Parish Office.

RECTORS at St. Luke's
† 1945-1950  Eugene Goll
† 1950-1955  David Covell
† 1955-1960  Frederick G. Kirby
† 1960-1966  Frank D. Baker
† 1966-1990  Richard E. Ebens
† 1999-Current  T. James Kodera