St. Luke's hosts many events open to the surrounding community throughout the year. Check the website 'Calendar' and Announcements for information. Here is a sample of some of the events:

Yard Sale & Bake Sale

Held in the park between St. Luke's and the Library on the same day as Hudson Fest which takes place annually on the Saturday after Memorial Day, come find treasures and buy goodies from the bake sale.
International Festival (Mid September)
St. Luke's has an unusually diverse parish family especially for its small size. We celebrate this diversity with an International Festival held on a Saturday in mid-September. Our families prepare delicious ethnic foods from the Philippines, Japan, India, Haiti, Russia, Albania, France, Italy ... and more. We share special stories and cultural artifacts from our heritages. Each year we add something a little different. We feature live music and song and activities for children. It is a colorful and enjoyable event held in Liberty Park right next to the church. This is who we are at St. Luke's!
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Hudson Downtown events
•  Downtown Trick or Treat (Halloween)
•  Holiday Stroll (Christmas)
St. Luke's Hudson - International Festival