Bible Study

St. Luke's offers a course of instruction and activities for the youth of St. Luke's intended to prepare them for the approach of confirmation. This year we will hold weekly classes featuring reading and informal discussions in the context of a small and friendly group of people. If a young person intends to commit to confirmation in the upcoming year, he/she will be assigned a mentor who will share experience and knowledge of our faith and church. This class is suitable for any middle school student, whether or not commitment to confirmation will be immediate.

An important part learning about our faith and church occurs outside of the classroom. This year we plan a number of out-of-class experiences to enrich the understanding and enjoyment of our students.

Young people will fill as many of the roles that are available to a layperson in the church as he/she is interested in. Some opportunities will include acting as Acolyte, Lector, Usher, Sunday School Teacher, and Altar Guild Member. Youth also spend time helping with the upkeep of our church environment. The entire church community involves itself with these activities.

We plan a number of outreach activities, some in conjunction with other local churches, to complete the range of experiences which will be encountered by our youth. Some of these may include volunteer work at a local food pantry or hospital, participation in a retreat, visiting other churches, organizing dances, etc. We also usually engage in a number of activities that are purely recreational.

For more information you can reach us at 978-562-2701 or

St. Luke's, at the Rotary in Hudson MA   St. Luke's, at the Rotary in Hudson MA   St. Luke's, at the Rotary in Hudson MA